quando voce esperar milagres, voce ve milagres

Hey everyone!

Alright, so this week has been full of changes! Like I shared in last weeks letter, we had transfers this past Wednesday and so Sister Domingo went out west and I got a new companion. Having to say goodbye to “Mama Domingo” wasn’t a fun thing to do, but I know that we’ll see each other again and that it was just time for the next chapter of this adventure! So my baby, or trainee, however you want to say it, is awesome! Her name is Sister Litchfield and we’re already having so much fun together. She was in the MTC for six weeks because she’s actually waiting for her visa to go to Brazil! Pretty sweet huh? And since she’s learning Portuguese, we have an hour of language study in addition to our other studies. You can imagine how helpful I am with that. Usually, near the end of the hour, I’ll let her teach me a lesson or share a message in Portuguese just so she’s able to practice it out loud and so I sit there trying to somewhat understand what she’s saying and at the end of it the most I have to offer is something along the lines of, “sounded good to me!” Haha super helpful right?
So on Tuesday, when the new missionaries first got here, sister Domingo and I both got to take out sisters and I got to take out Sister Litchfield! I was told that I couldn’t tell her that I’m the one training her and it was KILLING me. I almost slipped a few times but I somehow managed to keep it in the whole day. Except the following day at transfers, the first thing she says when I got to announce that I’m her trainer is that she knew it was me! I was like, what the heck.. All that effort of keeping it in for nothin. But apparently her and the other sister we took out had just guessed that I’d be training her. Lame. But also funny since I for sure thought she had no idea up to that point.
Anyways, the day of miracles this week was Saturday. Of course we see miracles happen every single day but Saturday was craaaazzzzyyy. Just one thing after the next. All I can say is that when you expect miracles, you see miracles. My absolute favorite was meeting Marcel and Bless. So for those of you who read my letter last week, you’ll remember Sawadi and her son Oliver whom we met outside while talking with Jolie. Well, she had asked that we come visit her in her home in the future and so this past Saturday we were able to go over with Jolie and not only meet with her and her son, but also her husband Marcel and their family friend, Bless who lives in the same apartment complex. Well, we had given Sawadi and her son a Book of Mormon in Swahili the first time we’d met, and so we began talking more about what the Book of Mormon is and where it came from and we taught and testified of the truthfulness of it and you shoulda seen the light in their eyes. It was amazing! They were asking questions, we were reading from it, and they were just so involved and focused on what we were teaching. And Sister Litchfield was teaching like a pro! There was point in the lesson where we kinda were teaching two lessons at once – Bless had asked a question so I was answering it and then while I was answering Marcel asked a question so Sister Litchfield and Jolie were answering him but there was just so much spirit in their home while we were all teaching and testifying, it was powerful. And when we were leaving, they asked when we could come back to share more. In my head I was like uhhh we can come back right now? Haha it was just awesome. We didn’t want to leave. But we also didn’t want to overwhelm them with too much. Walking out of their door, the spirit was just overflowing in us. It was SUCH a good way to end our night.
There is nothing that makes me happier than getting to share the message we have of our savior Jesus Christ, it’s amazing getting to see lives changing right in front of me. Looking forward to the amazing transfer we have ahead of us and hope you all have an amazing week! Love ya!
Didn’t take enough pics this last week… But here’s what I got!
On Tuesday when we got to take out two of the new sisters and Sister Litchfield (next to me) was the one I got to take out!
On Tuesday when we got to take out two of the new sisters and Sister Litchfield (next to me) was the one I got to take out!

-Sister Chelsea Wade

PS my subject heading says “when you expect miracles, you see miracles” in Portuguese. Sister Litchfield is going to teach me Portuguese! Woo!


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