Why are they Laughing??

Hey friends and fam!

Can you believe it’s already the end of July? How did that happen? Haha honestly time is moving way too fast. A lot of people told me that the first three months (training) would be the longest, so the fact that it feels like times flying makes me anxious thinking about how fast the rest of my mission will probably go by. Not okay! But I know one of the reasons why it feels like it’s going so fast is because I’m loving it here. So many great people and so many amazing experiences every day.

        This week has been so good. So many opportunities to help others and so many miracles. We are blessed every day to get to talk to new people and have discussions about how we can grow to our potential and have the relationship we want with God. I use to think it would be awkward or weird to go up to a complete stranger and start talking about God and religion, and some of you may still think that’s pretty strange and honestly I still think it’s a little awkward at times, but I have come to find that most people are open and excited to talk about these things when given the chance and most everyone we talk to desires to be closer to God and to Christ. So it’s always a really cool experience having those discussions. I also love getting to share how the gospel of Jesus Christ can help and bless their lives.
        This past week, Sister Domingo and I have been meeting with two women from Uganda named Felicity & Fina. They are refugees who came here to America about four months ago and unfortunately, they don’t know any English. So I really wish we had the gift of tongues in that sense so we could easily communicate with them! Haha but luckily we have Jolie, who is a recent convert and came to America from Congo about eight months ago so she knows their language and is friends with both of them and she comes with us every visit to translate because she knows English as well. We also asked Jolie to teach us a couple words and phrases in their languages (like hello, goodbye, we love you, see you tomorrow, etc) and on Saturday when we said some of these things, they were so impressed and happy knowing we put time and effort in learning some of their language, they loved it!  So although there is a huge language barrier, we always feel the spirit and I know that they can feel it too and we are connecting with them really well. And both have come to church and could really feel the spirit and loved how welcoming and loving everyone at church was (like I’ve said before, this ward is so awesome). They love having us over and talking about God and I know that over time they will definitely accept the gospel in their lives.
        Also a quick funny story, one of the Ugandan women (Fina) said something to the other women at the end of a lesson one night and all of them started laughing, Jolie even ended up on the floor she was laughing so hard, and Sister Domingo and I of course had no idea what was going on so we just sat their kinda laughing kinda really confused and finally Jolie explained that Fina had said she wants to keep me for her son and to just leave me there and things along those line. And then Felicity, one of the other women, started calling me Fina’s daughter in law. I wished I hadn’t asked to know what they were laughing about… haha Sister Domingo thought it was hilarious and I laughed too but we just looked at each other and mouthed “awkwaaaaard.” Luckily we were already headed out the door so we all said goodnight and that was that. But that was definitely a funny moment this week. At least they like us, right?
        Oh, and next week is transfers and I’m pretty positive I’m not going anywhere since I just got here, but Sister Domingo has been here four transfers now sooooo she might be transferred…. But I really don’t want that to happen! So I’m crossing my fingers she stays here! If she leaves, I’ll have a step mom (a follow-up trainer since I’ll still be doing training) which would be okay but I’d much rather just have her stay since we get along so well and teach so well together. But we’ll see.. Crossing fingers.
        Anyways, a lot of good things happened this past week and I’m looking forward to this coming week as well. Never a dull moment as a missionary! So thank you for the continuous prayers and love you’re all sending my way. Love you and hope everyone has a great week!

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This is my awesome (and dysfunctional) district and zone leaders!
This is my awesome (and dysfunctional) district and zone leaders!
We have a sister in the ward whose father is dealing with cancer and a lot of health problems so her family made "I'm on team grandpa" hats and we wanted to show our love and support so we took this picture with the hats on so she could send it their way.
We have a sister in the ward whose father is dealing with cancer and a lot of health problems so her family made “I’m on team grandpa” hats and we wanted to show our love and support so we took this picture with the hats on so she could send it their way.

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And Kansa is still really pretty...
And Kansa is still really pretty…

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