This is Home

Hello Friends & Family!

Hope it’s been a good week this past week for everyone and that this week is even better! So I am now in Kansas! (woot woot) And I am loving it here! When I first got in it was HOT. Like sticky, the air feels heavy kinda hot. Which I’m not use to. But there’s been so much going on I hardly even have time to think about the weather! Blessing in disguise I guess.

Alright so my companion is AWESOME. Like I’m pretty sure she’s an angel in disguise because she is exactly who I needed and wanted. Her name is Sister Domingo and she is also from California! She’s from the LA area and has been out on her mission for about eight months. It’s crazy because as we have been getting to know each other, we’ve learned that we have A LOT in common. Like we have super similar personalities, same kind of teaching style, she had the same kind of concerns or fears as I do when she first came out on her mission which makes it way easier for her to help me overcome any of those, and some other awesome things.

She has been showing me that it totally is possible to have fun while working your hardest and that has been so good. Because I know if I wasn’t able to enjoy the work I’m doing, this would be difficult. But all we’ve had is a good time! Granted, it isn’t always easy. But even when it’s been hard, I’ve been able to recognize how worth it it really is. and that has already been such a blessing.

Alright, so right now I am serving in the Derby/Wichita area and I’m in the Ridgepoint ward. Guys, the people here are amazing. Not only are the members so involved and enthusiastic about missionary work, but the people I come in contact with on the streets or in their homes are so genuine and such good people! I’ve heard multiple times that as people are on their missions, they begin to love the people there. But nobody told me I could love them so much in only a few short days! There are so many good, good people here and I know that there are people prepared and ready to learn about Jesus Christ and the Restoration of His church on the Earth today. I know I’ve said this before, but I am so honored and humbled to be able to be where I am and to be able to focus all of my time and energy into bringing other people happiness into their lives.

Okay quick story, I got here Tuesday and met my companion Wednesday, So we’ve been together for about five days and have already had miracles happen. She has been working mostly in a different area for the past several months so we have really been starting from square one here. Like with meeting members and finding people who are interested to learn more. So we have been meeting a lot of people. There is one woman Sister Domingo met back in April and her name is Leighann.

Leighann is a single mother with two teenagers. one whose handicapped, and the other who is pretty rebellious right now. She’s gone through a lot and has some health problems that prevent her from doing a lot so the way Sister Domingo and I have been teaching her lessons is by going over there to do service for her, like cleaning and organizing and whatnot, and as we clean she lets us teach her. At first we thought she may just be listening because we’re helping her so she is just being polite, and that could have been the case in the beginning, but recently she has been asking a lot more questions and actually reading the Book of Mormon. She has some concerns (like most people) and has a hard time with commitments in general, but we KNOW she is someone who was placed in our path so that we could help her and bring her closer to Christ. So please keep Leighann in your prayers!

And there’s so many other people I’ve met these last few days but this letter is already days long so I’ll just leave it at that. Being in a new place, with new people, and new everything is a bit overwhelming to think about, but as I’ve stayed focused on what I’m doing here and why I’m doing it, I have been so at peace and really enjoying every day. Kansas is my home for the next year and a half and that makes me so happy. Nothing can replace my family and home in California, but Kansas already has a place in my heart and I can say will love and confidence that this is where I’m supposed to be right now. This is home.

-Sister Wade


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